Shield Technology

Fisheye Lens 360 Camera

Fish Eye Camera

A fisheye lens is an ultra wide-angle lens that produces strong visual distortion intended to create a wide panoramic or hemispherical image. Fisheye lenses achieve extremely wide angles of view by forgoing producing images with straight lines of perspective (rectilinear images), opting instead for a special mapping (for example: equisolid angle), which gives images a characteristic convex non-rectilinear appearance.

Shield Technology high definition 360 Fisheye lens camera provides a full 360 view which is a great solution for small rooms where full coverage is needed. With 4K resolution the camera can be split into multiple views and easily replace a four camera system.


  • 1.6mm lens
  • SD card recording
  • Night Vision SMD LED
  • Audio In
  • Progressive Scan CMOS